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  • History of Taoyuan Reform School , Agency of Correction, Ministry of Justice

    It has been 60 years since the establishment of Taoyuan Reform School in 2018. It is difficult to express its meaning in the literature. It is difficult to express its meaning. Mencius said: "Sage is in place, capable the incumbent." The dean has exhausted his efforts to study, and has devoted himself to the goal of probation education and practical education. He has worked hard to achieve the effect of changing the customs and customs. The predecessors have forged a new vision in the future, creating new rules and establishing a solid foundation for development. In modern times, it is more and more complete; to achieve the goal of corrective education correction, counseling and improvement, and treatment as the principle, to exhaust the existence of organs, to cherish the memory of the predecessors, and to find the literature, it is difficult to search for the title, evolution and trajectory of the past presidents. Knowing the origin of the creation of probation education, by mutual confirmation, as a blueprint for reform, we can make a difference.   After the recovery of Taiwan, the Criminal Law was enacted. In the first part of the General Regulations, Chapter 12, Article 86, although there are provisions for probation of education, it was not until December 30, 1955, the "Safety Disciplinary Ordinance for theft of smugglers during the turmoil period". Article 13 stipulates: "The venues for the implementation of probation education as prescribed in these Regulations shall be established by the provincial governments, and their organizations shall be determined by law." The Taiwan Provincial Government established three juvenile probationary education institutions on April 1, 1956. Source start. On November 1, the Reform School Ordinance was implemented. According to Article 1 of the Reform School Regulations: "This Regulation is formulated in accordance with Article 52 of the Juvenile Incident Handling Act." Juvenile Incident Handling Act Article 52 of the second paragraph: "The organization of probation education institutions and the implementation of their education shall be determined by law." This is the basis for the establishment of the Reform School Ordinance, and the provisions of Article 4 of the Reform School Regulations : "The juvenile academy is set up by the Ministry of Justice or the highest authority of the local administration entrusted by the Ministry of Justice, and is supervised and supervised by the Ministry of Justice." On July 1, the Ministry of Justice reinstated the juvenile academy.   The school was founded on April 1st, 1956 by the Taiwan Provincial Department of Social Affairs at the Hsinchu Juvenile Prison in Taiwan. It also used the supervisory party as a temporary site to set up a "Taiwan Provincial Temporary Juvenile Reformatory". One of the three security enforcement venues, the students who have been ordered to carry out probation education, the Taiwan Provincial Government Social Affairs Office on April 4, 1956, with the letter of No. 255, the first dean from Taiwan Hsinchu Junior Zhang, jin-ming, the prison governor, was sent to the school to correct his wrong psychology, rebuild his complete personality, and impart skill knowledge to adapt to social life. According to the provincial temporary juvenile correctional institution, on August 4, 1956, was less touching. The letter indicated that there were more than 800 students at the time. On the 1st of September, the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Taiwan Provincial Government, on August 25, 1956, was renamed the "Taiwan Provincial Hsin-chu Juvenile Reformatory".  Re-invested in the Letter No. 25324 of the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Taiwan Provincial Government on September 29, 1949, on October 1, 1956, changed to "Taiwan Provincial Taipei Juvenile Reformatory".   The Juvenile Reformatory has supplemented 30 guards in accordance with the Letter No. 2301 of the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Taiwan Provincial Government on January 26, 1957 (Si-Liu), and increased the use of guards by dividing the boundaries. Due to the order of the High Court, at the end of July 1957, the small supervisors had to take back the houses, and the then General Manager, Mr. Liu Shengxun, ordered the delivery of more than 60 metric tons of public goods to 13 large trucks in four days. The relocation site is located in the second national bridge training camp of the second branch of Ying-qiao Town, Taipei County. Although some of the business moved northward, due to the remoteness of the two offices and the lack of manpower, please resign many On July 25, 1957, Zhang Jin-ming, the concurrently dean of the Superintendent, took care of the difficulties of the Supervisory Office. He was asked to resign as the Dean of the Superintendent for many times. The Social Affairs Office of the Taiwan Provincial Government was appointed and dismissed on August 9, 1957 by the letter of the Chinese Character No. 27350. Personnel, dispatched the provincial Pingtung Relief Dean, Mr. Zhang Shu-wen, to take over as the dean on August 21, 1957. Because there are still some garrisons stationed at the site, the site is vast, the wall is lacking, and the houses are not allocated. In April of the year, it was relocated to the base of the National Military Training Camp of Linyuandian in Taoyuan Township. The site is quiet, and the second building will be built as an RC structure office building, restaurant, auditorium, art factory, library, dormitory. , Lookouts, fences and other buildings, purchase necessary facilities, the park's rockery waterfalls, ecological ponds, and lotus ponds, the pre-empty fields of each class are turned into garden gardens, birds and flowers, the environment is more beautiful, and the children are happy and change. Temperament, change the place to move to good. In July 1958, it was renamed as "Taiwan Provincial Taoyuan Juvenile Reformatory". In March 1959, it was renamed as "Taiwan Provincial Taoyuan Reform School". It was renamed as the Ministry of Justice on July 1, 1981 and renamed as " Taiwan Taoyuan Youth Reform School, and approved special funds for the construction of residential homes, to enrich the equipment, to become an ideal educational venue, the authorized capacity of 387. On January 1, 2011, the Correctional Services Department of the Ministry of Justice was established. It was renamed Agency of Correction, Ministry of Justice and renamed the "Medical Correction Department of the Ministry of Justice."       Since its was named to the "Taiwan Provincial Taoyuan Reform School" in March of the 48th year, according to the Taiwan Provincial Government's rules for the organization of the organization, the dean is one person, comprehensively handles the affairs of the school, and has a secretary. And the group office business contact, and set up teaching, learning, general affairs - three groups, the main accounting, personnel two rooms, the division of the relevant business of each group, this organizational pattern followed until June, 1979. In October of the Republic of China, the organization rules of the Taiwan Provincial Taoyuan Reform School were revised by the Taiwan Provincial Government in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations on the Auxiliary Auxiliary Hospital. In July of the Republic of China, the organization was expanded to expand the original three groups of two rooms into four. In the second room of the group, the original teaching group will be reorganized into two groups of teaching affairs and training. The original learning group and its business will be merged into the teaching group, and the medical care business of the general affairs group will be removed from the additional health care group to take care of the health. The health care business, the organization's pattern was used before the rectification of the Department of Justice. The court originally approved the establishment of the Houde Tuition School. Due to various difficulties, the Office of the Security Council reported on September 24, 2007: "Juvenile prisons and juvenile auxiliary schools should be schooled and enriched with their teaching equipment." The Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Education have negotiated the "Implementation Points for Schools in Juvenile Prisons and Juvenile Auxiliary Schools". The Court is in compliance with the Ministry of Justice's December 5, 2008 Law 80, No. 18138. The implementation of the year began to transfer the original Houde Tutor School business to Taiwan Provincial Taoyuan Agricultural and Vocational School (now the National Taipei University of Technology, Taoyuan Agricultural High School), Taoyuan County (now the City) Municipal Wen-chang Middle School and Taoyuan The attached school of the three schools, such as the National Kuai-ji Primary School in Taoyuan City, was set up in the reform school. The picture shows: the pavilion in the courtyard has high-tech classes, national middle school classes and national small classes. Due to the promotion of juvenile education, 106 students are enrolled in all grades according to their academic qualifications. Students are enrolled in grades according to their academic qualifications. They are scheduled to take classes every morning. All teachers, teaching and student status management are responsible for the school. To continue their studies. In January, the Agency of Correction, the Ministry of Justice was established. Each group was changed to a section. The organization type was four subjects and three rooms, namely, academic affairs, training, general affairs, health department, and accounting, personnel, and political wind room.   In order to improve the construction of social security nets for children and children, we will provide a misguided environment for young people to have more educational resources, reduce the incidence of social discrimination, and implement the important connotation of the "Children's Rights Convention". The original plan os of this school and Chang-hua Youth Reform School. In July 1992, the Taoyuan and Chang-hua Juvenile Correctional School were established. Unfortunately, due to the financial difficulties of the Central Government at the time, the Ministry of Justice requested the Ministry of Justice to review the matter after the deliberation of the Executive Yuan, and thus failed to complete the restructuring work in time.   In recent years, the Legislative Council of the Legislative Yuan of the Legislative Yuan and the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Supervision have repeatedly paid attention to the progress of the reform of the adolescents' supplementary education. In 2017, the "Presidential Office of the Judicial Reform State is a meeting", the Reform School should complete the work of restructuring and correcting schools as soon as possible. However, due to the fact that the establishment of schools involves disputes over the property rights of existing land use and the financial difficulties of the state, it is difficult to increase the number of teachers’ budget posts in a short period of time, and there has been no progress. After the appointment of Minister Cai, Qing -xiang, he was instructed to promote the work of the school for the rehabilitation of the school in a phased manner and to instruct the Correctional Services Department to overcome difficulties and actively handle it.   The Ministry of Justice held a seminar on research and development between January and March to give priority to the protection of the right to education and provide a good learning environment as the primary task of innovation. Because the juvenile academy is now in accordance with the "Secondary Education Act", it adopts the curriculum and teaching content of the training department. It only teaches 24 sessions per week according to its curriculum. The Ming-yang and Cheng-zheng Middle Schools, which belong to the correctional school, use the general or technical high school curriculum and teach 35 lessons per week. In order to align the learning conditions of the two adolescents with the learning resources and environment of the general school, and to promote the integrity of the corrective education, the orientation of the school system is changed, and teachers' resources that meet the needs of the general school curriculum are emphasized. It is a matter of urgency.   After the Ministry of Education and the Pre-school Education Department jointly studied the specific plan, the transitional stage before the correction of the school was completed, and the correctional school Cheng-zheng Middle School set up a branch school to assist the school. Education matters, and the Ministry of Education and the State Education Department will consult relevant school-cooperative schools, hire qualified teachers, and implement the general or technical high school new curriculum from the school year in line with the national school, providing all students with probation education to have Equal, high quality educational opportunities. The "School Auxiliary School Reform and Correction School Plan (hereinafter referred to as the Restructuring Plan)" was approved by the Executive Yuan on July 3, 2008. On July 31, 2019, the "Cheng-zheng Middle School Taoyuan Branch Establishment and Unveiling Ceremony" was taken place. On July 31, 2019 officially set up a branch campus to set a new milestone on the road to rectification and correction of schools.   As a probationary education venue, the Institute shoulders the responsibility of inspiring conscience and education mission. It has been developing from the very beginning to improve the objectives of the three areas of moral education, knowledge education and skills education, and to meet the needs of social development, to link social resources and handle various Schooling, employment, maintenance, medical treatment and other measures, filial piety respects the teacher as the core value of character education, supplemented by knowledge education, in addition to cultivating a skill, deepen life education, explore life, develop life, learn to respect life, profound sense Knowing the value of "people", and then respecting the community, caring for the society, perfecting the formation of a complete personality and the establishment of a outlook on life.

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