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Traffic Information

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  • Last updated:2021-08-07
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Address:NO.98,Siangshan ST.,Taoyuan city,Taoyuan county, 330,Taiwan.R.O.C(Google Maps)

Traffic Information:

    1. By train with the assistance of Taoyuan city bus and Chung Li city bus or taxi.
      Get off the Taiwan rail train at Taoyuan rail station and then transfer:
      • by Taoyuan city bus bound for Lui Jui or Dai Yuan township.
      • by Chung Li city bus rout 6 bound for Nan Kun. And get off bus at Lin Tao Dian bus stop, walk along the Xiang Shan ST. and straight ahead about 300meters. Then you could see the gate of Taoyuan Reform School. Take taxi, from Taoyuan city to Taoyuan reform school cost about NT 150 dollars.
    1. Drive through Zhongshan Highway:
      • From Taipei to Taoyuan: exit at Nan Kan interchange and turn right, bound for Taoyuan city, go straight ahead for about 1500 meters, turn left to Xiang shun ST. and straight ahead about 300 meters. then you will arrival our school.
      • From Taoyuan air port: take Taoyuan city bus bound for Taiyuan city and get off at Li Tao Dian bus stop. Turn left to Xiang Shun ST. go straight ahead about 300 meters you will find our location.
    1. By Ko-Kong bus
      From Taipei to Taoyuan : Take Ko-Kong bound to Taiyuan city through Zhongshan Highway, get off at Chun-Ri Road.Lin Tao Dian bus stop.
  • Notice for visitors Regulations concerning visit:
    1. Do not use any other person's proof of identification.
    2. Those visitors without complete registration may not visit by replacing or accompanying visitors who have completed visit registration.
    3. Visit and conversation time is limited to 30 minutes. In case of too many visitors, such time shall be reduced accordingly so that all the registration visitors may have chance to visit students.
    4. Delivery of external items: Limit to 2 kg, and regulations for items by the reformatory must be followed, In case smuggling forbidden items is discovered, visitor will be prosecuted by law.
  • Refusal and limitation for visior:
    If any of the following happens, visitor requests for visit shall be refused.
    1. No identification paper.
    2. Behave suspiciously.
    3. Drunk or mental status is abnormal.
    4. Obstruction to order or discipline.
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