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Diverse talent training

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  • Last updated:2021-08-23
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Diverse talent training

1. Our talent courses include: band, dance, diabolo, guitar, gardening, single-wheel bike, and composition classes to train students' skills and guide them to enjoy proper entertainment.
2. We have tea zen class to enhance morality and life education, help students have sound personality, good mentality, do good and find ways in life.
3. Students learn organic farming skills to remove bad habit of laziness. Organic education farm is available at Xiao 1st and 2nd classes. Professional teachers teach students organic farming.
4. We have handmade soap class instructed by professional teachers to train students' skill in future employment.
5. We hold different competitions such as Mandarin, rule recitation, skills, science, calligraphy, oil paintings and pottery to stimulate students' talents and skills.

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