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School - like education

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  • Last updated:2019-08-08
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   School-like education



1.To correspond to school-like reform, we asked nerby Tao-yuan


Agricultural and Industrial Vocational High School, Wen Chang Junior High School


and Hueiji Elementary School to set supplementary school branches for education. 


Students at the school can enjoy normal education as other students in general


school.  Those who intend to continue higher education can take entrance exams. 


We have basic competence test place at our school.



2.We have makeup reinforcement class for students falling behind in study to


receive individual instruction from supplementary school teachers or voluntary




3.We request Taoyuan County Speical Education Student Assessment and Study


Assistance Association to assess students who seem to have learning difficulties.  


Special education teachers help these students during observation period for


practical knowledge to maintain students’ rights.



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