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TYR ornization system chart

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organization text




Organization system



Guidelines on Policies of Taoyuan Reform School


Our polices are in accordance with instructions from Minister of Justice and higher authorities.  We build common consensus with core values for better sense of unity.  We do everything in compliance with laws and regulations on reform schools to achieve ideas of education.


In core businesses, we stick to core functions of responsibility, enthusiasm, professionalism, care, trust and listening under the guidance of getting better and better for excellence.  We rebuild students morality and values, enhance our performance in counseling and develop our attentiveness to win peoples trust in government.  We keep achieving better performance in attitudes of responsibility, respect of work and innovation.


Our primary goals are reconstruction of students morality and values to build their confidence, identify with themselves, overcome difficulties and offer appropriate correction.  This is our main responsibility.


In implementation, we integrate academic affairs, disciplinary affairs, health care and general affairs into education goals and life management.  We enhance width of life education and morality education to guide students to the right track

We promote morality and life education, tea zen, and organic farming into our characteristics.  We focus on customized learning to focus on knowledge education and skill training in the core field.

Professionalism and innovation in education help us promote digital learning on reading plan and network learning.  We have e-function library.

programs currently under promotion


1. Friendly campus program: life, morality, life, gender education in life counseling and law and discipline education


2. Sustainable campus program: beautification and greening campus; each class to have unique gardening theme

3. Health promotion and sports: we focus on environment cleanness and health education to reduce pests.  Working with outside school groups, we hold basketball competitions or wind music performance.

4. Family education and variables activities: parent/children activities and parenting seminars

5. Social education program: speeches on holidays, festive lanterns, music, dance, fine arts, language competitions and art performances

6. Student voluntary service program in the future: boy scout team, student voluntary service education, participation in community voluntary service to help students care for the society



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