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Principal's Introduction

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Principal : Guo Zongyu


National Chengchi University
The school graduated from the on-the-job special class of master of administration

National Central University
Master's credits of teachers in technical and vocational schools, Department of information management, School of management

Feng Chia University
Graduated from Department of Electronic Engineering



1、 Engineer of Yongda electromechanical R & D department
2、 Private Yuda commercial full-time teacher in Taoyuan County for one year
3、 Taoyuan County Private Yuda commercial full-time teacher and tutor for one year

4、 Director of data processing Department of private Yuda business in Taoyuan County for 10 years (81.08.01 ~ 90.07.31)

Policy promotion, curriculum leadership, pragmatic participation and remarkable results

(1). Promote the computerization of school administration, and independently develop and complete the student status, achievement management system, personnel management system, and education and training plan.
(2). Overall campus network planning and construction, integrating teaching and administrative network system.
(3). Participate in the establishment and promotion of Taiwan Academic Network (TANet) in Taoyuan District.
(4). Actively carry out curriculum planning and computer skills counseling for the data processing department, take the lead in obtaining the class B certificate of computer software application, so that the students graduated from the data processing department can enter the workplace and immediately become new employees in all walks of life.
(5). Cooperate with the Ministry of education to promote the second specialty class, set up computer application courses, and assist the community to actively apply for students with good performance in response to the needs of computerization promotion in the industry.
(6). Select data processing science students as teaching assistants of the second specialty class to assist in learning, become the best marketing channel of the data processing section, and become a popular section that recruits 12 classes of Freshmen in a school year.


5、 Dean of Academic Affairs and Internship Counseling Business of Private Yuda High School in Taoyuan County for 11 years (90.08.01~101.07.31)

Creativity, Planning, Leadership and Execution

(1). Taking over the educational administration in the academic year of 1990 coincided with the school's plan to restructure from a commercial vocational school into a senior high school. Immediately, it was responsible for writing a plan for applying for restructuring and renaming, and was successfully approved to be restructured into Yuda senior high school in Taoyuan County.
(2). In academic year 91, in order to implement the concept of diversified and high-quality school running, we actively applied for the addition of 3 classes of catering management section and 2 classes of information section. In addition to the original business group section and ordinary high school, the industrial section and catering section were added, and the enrollment was successfully full.
(3). In the academic year of 1992, under the instruction of the central office of the Ministry of education, it undertook the high school vocational school Expo in Taozhu district and successfully completed it in Yuping town cultural center.
(4). In the academic year of 1993, it is proposed to add Applied Foreign Languages and practical skills classes, which have been approved by the Ministry of education and successfully recruit students, further towards the goal of diversity and high quality.
(5). For the second time in the academic year of 1993, he received the instruction from the central office of the Ministry of education to undertake the national business student skill competition and served as the director general. More than 900 contestants from more than 160 schools participated in the competition and successfully completed the task.
(6). In the academic year of 1995, the addition of early childhood care section and multimedia animation section was approved by the central office of the Ministry of education, and the enrollment was successfully full, and three classes were added according to the plan of one class year by year, all of which were full enrollment.
(7). At the end of 20 years of technical and vocational education in the 1997 school year, it won the National Award for outstanding personnel in Technical Education issued by the Ministry of education, deeply feeling the honor and the driving force of continuous efforts.
(8). In the 1999 school year, the beauty department was added, and immediately signed a cooperation plan with Mandu international, a pioneer in the national beauty industry. After the establishment of the beauty department, the school became the tenth department group, so as to realize a high-quality university with multiple choices for students with perfect group planning.
(9). In the academic year of 1999, the Ministry of Education announced the award and praise, and became a total of 32 first-class high schools in China. Together with Wuling high school, it became the only first-class high school in public and private schools in Taoyuan County. All teachers were highly encouraged.
(10). In the 100th school year, I cooperated with the Ministry of education to actively promote the publicity and promotion of diversified enrollment and adaptive counseling of national education in the past 12 years. I served as a seed teacher for the publicity of the Ministry of education. In addition to inviting middle schools from all countries to experience diversified and high-quality group courses and equipment, I was also invited to interact with teachers, students and parents in all countries of the county.


6.Dean of Academic Affairs of Taoyuan Municipal Guanyin High School for 5 years (101.08.01~106.07.31)

Gain affirmation, Embracing experience, Devoting to rural areas, Caring for disadvantaged

(1). Responsible for educational affairs at the beginning of the school year of 101, using past experience to rebuild Set out to lay the foundation for the school's various teaching tasks. Including the drafting of various teaching system rules, recruitment of new teachers, the drafting of equipment construction and usage specifications.
(2). In the 101st academic year, I will concurrently serve as the academic affairs work of Central China. I have begun to participate in and understand the learning and life counseling work of young people, and understand the life and learning situations that students may encounter when they enter the adolescent stage from the age of children.
(3). In the 102 school year, the Education Bureau commissioned the "Taoyuan City Senior High School and Vocational Exposition" as the director general to successfully complete the task.
(4). In the 103 academic year, continue to host the "Taoyuan City Senior High School and Vocational Exposition", and undertake the selection of administrative teachers in Taoyuan City for two consecutive years.
(5). In the 104 school year, the Bureau of Education designated to host the "56th National Primary and Secondary School Science Exhibition" rotated by the county and city governments across the country. The task was successfully completed
. Begin to promote in schools the measures that should be taken in response to the new syllabus for teachers' teaching and teaching environment.


7、 Secretary of Taoyuan municipal Guanyin high school for 1 year (106.08.01 ~ 107.07.31)

Assist the principal in reviewing official documents and coordinating the business of various departments, and actively participate in academic affairs, academic affairs, general affairs, counseling, book reading and other related businesses.

(1). Responsible for the school and parent associations, alumni associations related business and external information publishing tasks, and actively play the role of communication and coordination.
(2). In the 106th academic year, the first session of Taoyuan City’s promotion to the municipality was organized to organize the city’s primary and secondary science exhibitions, and to establish the scale of activities and related systems.


8、 Director of Library of Taoyuan municipal Guanyin high school for 3 years (107.08.01 ~ 110.07.31)

To promote the new curriculum, responsible for promoting the "writing and implementation of student independent learning related plans" in the new curriculum, and the library is operated for training Students have the knowledge for lifelong learning and literacy learning.

(1). The specific implementation and innovation of the rules and regulations of the Library Development Committee.
(2). Based on the role and function of the new generation library, plan the library to become the most desired environment for students, teachers and community people. The library has become a place for parents of teachers and students to think and solve problems when they find problems in life and learning.


9、 Principal of Dun Pin High school


License and Expertise:

1、 Middle school teacher certificate for computer science and Information Science in Senior High School
2、 Class B certificate for computer software application
3、 Computer software application class B and C supervisory and evaluation committee
4、 The Ministry of Education awarded the national outstanding personnel in skill education

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