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Quality service for citizens

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 Quality service for citizens

 A. Service procedures (convenient rapid service procedures to ensure transparent procedures)

(i) Service procedures convenience

1.      School switchboard connects directly to all classes and is available around the clock.  Students’ family members can talk to teachers on students’ life, study and student status issues.

2.      When leaving the school, students are given phone number on name card with which they can contact their class tutors or discipline personnel for consultation or give comments.

3.      We handle application for reissuance of student status certificate by students’ family members or students already left school via letters, phone or fax.  A total of 5 cases have been handled in Q1 and Q2.

4.     We have intranet to link data of divisions and offices to enhance internal communication and provide required service.  Network installation was completed for Xiao 1st Class through Xial 7th Class.  Internal connection is available with LAN between Division of Academic Affairs and Division of Disciplinary Affairs to offer convenient and simplified service.  LAN is for data sharing between Division of Academic Affairs and new students on student status and data sharing between Division of Disciplinary Affairs and students on basic data. 

5.     We offer distance reception service for family members living far away or having difficulty coming to school.  Between January and June 2010, 124 person times used the service.

6.     With only ID copy and photo, students already left school may apply for school results or reissuance of schooling certificate.  One case was completed in Q1 and 3 cases were completed in Q2.

7.     Application forms for school results or reissuance of schooling certificate can be downloaded from our website.

8.     Division of Academic Affairs has application form for school results or reissuance of schooling certificate by students already left school.  By the end of June 2010, 98670 person times have used the website.

 (ii) Service procedures transparency

1.      Procedures for Letter of Consent, Application for Student Staying at School, Application for Distance Reception, Application for Delivered Medicine and Application for Students Meeting Friends under Consent of Family Members are posted in the Reception Room and can be download from website.

2.    Procedures for all applications are clearly specified.  We also have people for instruction or complete applications on behalf.

3.    Contact phone number and e-mail addresses are available on the website.  Phone numbers of Secretariat Office and Office of Government Ethics are available at Reception Room and Reception Registration.

 B. Image of the institution (enhancing service quality, strengthening service performance)

(i)convenices for people 

1.      Application items, procedures and deadlines are clearly specified at single window of the school.

2.     One person is responsible to help citizens complete application.  Single and e-administration service enhances service quality and efficiency.

3.    The preceding person is competent and enthusiastic to help people in completing application.  Application forms are available at service counter.

4.     We have writing desks, AV equipment, desks, presbyopia glasses, umbrellas, drinking water, paper and pens, magazines, and newspapers, etc for citizens.

5.     We ask our staff to be polite and amiable add Mr. or Ms before the last name of citizens when responding to questions.

6.     We announce our contact phone numbers and service items.  We are available around the clock.  People on duty will be available during noon break to answer citizensquestions.

7.      Lavatory is cleaned in the morning and afternoon each day to ensure comfortable and clean environment.

8.    Drinking fountains are maintained and filters are replaced regularly to ensure sanitation.  Records are kept.

(ii) Friendliness and professionalism of service

1.     Our people on duty tell citizens locations of different division.  Two parking spaces are remained for citizens to the school.

2.    Two wheelchairs are available at the reception registration room.

3.    We have one automatic spraying alcohol dry washer to prevent infectious diseases.

4.     Letter of Consent, Application for Student Staying at School, Application for Distance Reception, Application for Delivered Medicine and Application for Students Meeting Friends under Consent of Family Members are posted in the Reception Room and can be download from website.  Where required, family members will be explained of procedures.

5.     We work hard on serving people and complete customer satisfaction survey.  We have not received complaints.

6.    FQA and phone numbers are available on the website and posted in Reception Room.

7.    We hold 28 activities in combination of social resources.  A number of 6381 students participated.  We also promote health care and correction education policies to help the public understand our performances.

8.    For students who have no visit from family members in the last three months between January and June and whose custody cash is below NT500. we give each of them a pair of cloth shoes and daily articles (toilet soap, underwear, underpants, towel, bath foam, toothpaste and toothbrush).

9.     Between January and June, we handled 75 applications for certificates via letters, phone or fax by students’ family members and students already left school.

10.   We hold gender education, promotion on prevention of drugs, AIDS and cigarette in coordination with Public Health Bureau and Office, Taoyuan County and Taoyuan County Pharmacist Association.  A total of 526 person times attended between January and June.

(三)    Effectiveness of service marketing

1.      On 2 February, we had draftees in substitute military service to visit seniors living alone and help clean houses.  We also gave them one quilt and fruit gift box.

2.    On 22 June, five draftees donated blood in response to blood donation by million draftees in summer.

3.    We held Chinese New Year Family Reunion for all students on 9 February in which 718 family members participated.  On 30 March, 42 family members visited students at Xiao 7th Class and had a symposium.  On 6 May, 557 family members attended Mother’s Day Visit.  On 29 June, 86 family members of students at Xiao 1st Class and Xiao 6th Class visited and had a symposium.  Classes had exhibition of achievements and training results to help family members understand our measures and new conducts.  

4.   Display cabinet for health education, parenting education, environmental protection, and anti-corruption as well as writing desks were added at Reception Room to enhance service to the public.

5.     On 26 March 2010, 48 voluntary workers at the school attended voluntary worker joint training activity at correction institutions of Ministry of Justice held by Hsinchu Prison, which made publicity on correction education policies and helped voluntary workers understand policies and achievements of correction education. 

6.    Division of Voluntary Workers invited Prof. Lee Jiatong at National Chi Nan University on 2 June 2010.

7.    We play publicity clips on public welfare with video player at Reception Room.  Currently, we play clip on drugs by Ministry of Justice and Department of Health.

8.    On 1st and 16th of each month, draftees of substitute military service cleaned roads outside the school, including 100 meters from Daye Road Xianshan Street of Nanchang Site.  We had 12 times in Q1 and Q2 by 81 person times of substitute military service.

C. Customer relation (investigation of public opinions and establishing customer relation)

 (i) satisfaction of the public

1.    We have the secretary, Dean of Division of Academic Affairs, Chief of Division of General Affairs and Dean of Disciplinary Affairs to interview students that already left school and students on the day when they leave the school.  Their opinions are duly taken care of.  We interviewed 28 person times in Q1 and 57 in Q2.  No opinions were given.

2.    We show types of skill training (automobile repair, motorcycle repair, baked foods, computer and painting mounting) on students and actual achievements to visitors to explain our national criminal measures and policies.

3.   FAQ from divisions and offices are posted on our website to enhance customers satisfaction.

4.    Handling persons at the school held Q1 technical training employment seminar in which 65 students participated and were satisfactory with the results.

5.    We helped Employment Service Center, Taoyuan-Hsinchu-Miaoli Region, BEVT, CLA on publicity of Happy Taoyuan Happy Work on Friday, 12 March 2010.

6.    With 11 episodes of 2010 TV Education on Employment Counseling Show in Q1, 301 students understood property of different industry to be better prepared before employment before leaving the school.

7.    In employment assistance with 11 episodes of Masters in Career by


     CLA on TV in Q2, 349 students attended the activity.


8.   On 25 May in Q2, we held employment assistance with Taoyuan Employment Service Station, Employment Service Center, Taoyuan-Hsinchu-Miaoli Region, BEVT, CLA; on 11 June, we held Campus Publicity in Promotion of Adolescent Employment with Labor and Human Resources Department, Taoyuan County; we held High Care for Youth Employment Study with Employment Service Center, Taoyuan-Hsinchu-Miaoli Region, BEVT, CLA and Think Yu Management Co., Ltd. on 22 June to help students plan future career.  A total of 124 students took part and were satisfactory with the activities.

9.    In Q2, we had employment counseling individually or in groups for students leaving the school.  We offer various employment information and built mutual communication to enhance their confidence in adaptation to future life.  A total of 38 students received counseling.

10. The e-job website provides employment opportunities.  Each month, we select and update appropriate employment opportunities on our employment service webpage.

11.  In Q2, we worked with Employment Service Center, Taoyuan-Hsinchu-Miaoli Region on 3 large employment publicity activities on 16 April, 14 May and 8 June.  Job opportunities were posted on our website and in Reception Room.

12.  In Q2, we had employment counseling individually or in groups for students leaving the school.  We offer various employment information and built mutual communication to enhance their confidence in adaptation to future life.  A total of 14 students received counseling.

(ii) Effectiveness of handling public opinions

1.     Interview with students leaving the school: 28 students in Q1 and 57 students in Q2; no comments from students

2.   We have established quick response mechanism to new media and opinions from newspapers.


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