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Face-to-face family reunion

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  • Last updated:2019-01-26
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In wake of the fact that students most come from problematic families, fostering education is deemed an important step in correctional process, The institute holds various kind of  family reunion including Chinese new year festival, Mother's day festival, Autum festival and every class hold family reunion four times one year, for the purpose to strengthen parental relationships.During family reunion, holding meeting to families help to mutual communication among supervisor, family member, and students.

The judge, guardian,police and staff from education sector visit students regularly, as a way to concern about them.




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Family visit on Chinese Luner New Years, Mother's day and Mid-Autum Festival, the reform school arrange face to face talk between students and their family members, we hopes that through these festival visits, students can be educated and their nature can be converted to maximize the function of rehabilitation and correction, society protection and prevention recommitment so as to enhance the results of student edification and correction.

We also hope that family's visition to the reform school may allow family members to better understand the edfication of mordern correction institutions eliminate gloomy and corrupted images of reform school. In old feudul times, correct erronous knowledge and concepts. and establish confidance in modernized reform school management and skill training enviornment, through the arrange of visitation, family members no longer need worry about their relatives serving time in the reform school by guessing.

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