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White Paper on Service. Dun Pin High School

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 White Paper on Service, Dun Pin High School

I. Foreword


   Our work is in special education in the principle of love.  We take school management measures and reconstruction of ideas and values are the first priority in the hope to have students keep good morality in a pleasant environment and continue study and learn skills to be on the right track.  Once they leave the school, they will continue higher education or find jobs.

II. Education measures

1. New students into classes


New students first stay in new student class and receive training for 1-2 month to become familiar with the environment.  After that, they are arranged into appropriate classes per education attainment and age.

2. Life assistance and morality education


Tutors or 3 disciplinary personnel stay at classes in shifts to live with students and help/assess their life and conducts.  Morality education is given in the morning and evening to make them have good habits and sound characteristics.

3. Knowledge education


Hueiji Elementary School, Wenchang Junior High School and National Tao-yuan Agricultural and Industrial Vocational High School have branches of supplementary schools here.  All students have classes every morning.  We are in charge of teachers, education and student status management.  Teachers at the school help manage and assist students.

4. Vocational education

We have registered skill training classes under CLA, Executive Yuan and talent classes.  Students receive skill training or talent education to have accurate career ideas.  Students completing skill training may take licensing tests by CLA and get licenses if they pass the tests.

5. Results assessment and encouragement


Under progressive treatment rules in rehabilitative disposition by Ministry of Justice, there are four levels.  Students follow rules after assessment are into Levels 4 or 3.  Scores on behaviors, study and talent learning are given each month in progress of responsibility score deduction.  When students have been here for over 6 months, they enter Levels 2 or 1.  One can apply for suspension or removal of reformatory education by judge at adolescent court if students have scores in three months meeting the standard and treatment is no longer required.  Progressive treatment is good in stabilizing students’ emotions.   

6. Entertainment activities


We often hold activities and competitions on sports, ball games, chess, talents, and gatherings and play movies to help students enjoy life under normal entertainment.  Family gatherings are held on Chinese New Year, Mothers Day, and Moon Festival when students meet parents, who can better understand how students study or behave here.  Parent will also have better relation with students.

7. Family contact


To understand students family conditions and communicate with parents on discipline, in addition to required phone visits, our teachers talk to parents when they visit.  We invite experts and scholars to give speeches at gatherings to help parents understand accurate attitudes and methods to teach children and strengthen family support.

III. Protection on students leaving school

1. Indirect protection


Upon students will, we request bureau of education or department of social affairs of city/county government to help students continue study or find jobs after they leave school.  We also contact adolescent assistance associations and branches of Taiwan After-care Association to visit or help students so they can return to society and get used to social life.

2. Direct protection


We request Taiwan After-care Association or social welfare institutions to transfer or receive homeless students.

3. Follow-up assistance


We make survey on life of students that left the school one year ago and contact with parents or introduce assistance institutions to students having difficulties in study and employment.  Students may also contact teachers via phone to talk about their study and employment.

IV. Serving parents


1. Meeting students: under Regulations Governing Meeting Students at Adolescent Reformatory Schools, parents may meet students twice a week and no more than 30 minutes each time.  The process is: service personnel handles application; parents complete registration form; parents wait at meeting room; service personnel bring students to meeting room.


2. Distance meeting: we have AV equipment for parents to meet students in other reformatory institutions; parents may also see their students here in other reformatory institutions.  Details and conditions are available at our meeting room and our homepage.  Application forms can be downloaded from website of Ministry of Justice.


3. Meeting appointment by phone: we have a phone line, 03-3571520, for parents to apply for meeting.  Windows #7 and 8 are for parents in appointment.  Details and conditions are available at our meeting room and our homepage.  Application forms can be downloaded from website of Ministry of Justice.


4. Meeting via phone: when students have no parent visit for over 2 weeks, they may apply for phone visit with communication equipment to stay in touch with parents.  The process is: students fill out application form; approval to be made by Director; disciplinary personnel take students to make calls at Division of Disciplinary Affairs.


5. Sending money in: visitors to students may give students money.  They shall send money at the school or send cash envelop or checks to the school.  We will issue receipts to senders and students.  The process is: service personnel receive; receipts issued after receiving cash; receipts given to senders and students.


6. Sending objects in: parents may give objects to students in person at the school or by mail.  The process is: completing application formhandled by service personnel at windowàhandling person checking objectsàforwarding objects to students.


7. Parenting education: parents may apply for meeting with class disciplinary personnel to discuss students life and teaching.  They can also discuss with teachers in person at gatherings.  After students leave school, parents may still contact disciplinary personnel.  The process is: receipt by service personnelàcompleting application formànotifying class disciplinary personnel to come to meeting roomàdisciplinary personnel discuss with parents.


8. Students going back home: in case parents are in critical diseases or pass away, application can be made in writing or phone to have disciplinary personnel guard students home in following process:


In critical diseases: receipt by service personnelàcompleting application formàdata reviewed by institution and submitted to Ministry of JusticeàMinistry of Justice approves and institution notify parentsà disciplinary personnel guard students home


Death: receipt by service personnelàcompleting application formà data reviewed by institution, after approvalà disciplinary personnel guard students home

9. Answers to questions


In case of doubts on meeting or sending in objects, please contact our service station to have answers.  Class teachers will answer personal matters of students.  Service station phone number is 03-3253152 ext. 118

10. Returning precious items, money and clothes to students


(1) Our Division of General Affairs keeps precious items and money for students when they enter school.  Use of cash must be first approved.  Precious items (e.g. gold rings, necklaces, watches and mobile phones) or money shall be taken back with ID and seal from Division of General Affairs.


(2) Student uniforms, underwear, quilts and daily items are supplied by the school in fixed quantity.  All casual clothes and quilts when entering the schools shall be taken back by parents.

11. Borrowing or taking back ID


ID of students is to be kept by the school.  If parents need to use ID, they may apply from Division of General Affairs.

12. Illness treatment or purchase of medicine at students expenses


Physicians at Division of Health Care treat illnesses of students.  If required or treatment is not possible at the school, we may guard students to other medical institutions.  Students shall pay medical expenses.

13. Issuance of certificates


(1) Certificates of staying and leaving the school: application form is available at service station.  Once completed, it shall be sent to Division of Disciplinary Affairs with copy of ID and specification of purpose.  The application takes around 4 hours.


(2) Record of schooling at supplementary school: application form is available at service station.  Once completed, it shall be sent to Division of Academic Affairs.  The application takes around 4 hours.

5. Cooperation required by parents


We are an institution for special education and in the similar nature of regular schools.  Like parents, we also expect students to be useful to the society.  We require close cooperation on the following matters from parents to enhance education results. 


1. Once entering the school, students study in different classes at supplementary schools per their schooling record.  Student status is declared to education competent authority.  Parents shall send schooling record certificate to the school within 2 weeks after students enter the school.


2. Please visit students as often as possible to help them educated in peace.


3. Please talk with class teachers when visiting the school and ask students to study hard.  If case of questions, please contact with teachers to find, understand and solve problems.


4. Once students leave the school, please pay attention to them on further study or employment and ensure they stay alert in making friends and stay on the right track.

VI. Location of the school


1. Address: No. 98, Xianshan St. Chunzi Li, Taoyuan City


2. Tel: switchboard 03-3253152 with ext:

118 meeting

116 Division of Disciplinary Affairs

226 Division of Academic Affairs

220 Division of General Affairs

222 Office of Government Ethics


Classes New student class 127, Xiao 1st class 121, Xiao 2nd class 122, Xiao 3rd class 123, Xiao 4th class 124, Xiao 5th class 125, Xiao 6th class 126, Xiao 7th class 127


3. Traffic: Take Nankan Line at Head Station of Taoyuan Bus and stop at Lintoudian



   Stop.  You can also take King Bus at Taipei Station to Taoyuan (through freeway)



   and stop at Xinpuguozai Stop.  It takes 6 minutes ti walk to the school.


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