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Technical training

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  • Last updated:2019-08-08
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Technical training

1. We currently have technical training:
(1) long-term courses—motorcycle repair, automobile repair, interior wire layout and food baking and (2) short-term courses—computer study and painting mounting. Students receive certificate from the school after training for 3-5 months.
2. After taking certain hours of training in long-term training classes, students may participate in Class C Technician Skill Licensing Test held by CLA, Executive Yuan.
Once they pass the test, the will have certificate of the skill; the short-term skill training is for 3-5 months, focusing on practical skills to make a living. Under order of Ministry of Justice, we also emphasize training workmanship training.
Students passing assessment by teachers will have certificate from the school.
3. Enhancing practical operation: we have short-term training courses that meet market demand and are practical to help students better equipped for future study and employment. The school connects rehabilitation system to extend performance of skill training.
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