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Innovation value added service

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  • Last updated:2019-01-26
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 III. Innovation value added service (innovation services methods, integrated 

      service resources)

   Providing innovation (creativity) service

 (i) Valuable creativity service

1.     Application forms for acceptance and voluntary worker counseling record and certificate application forms are available at download area.

2.    We receive applications via the Internet, fax, mails and phone, restructure and simplify procedures, and make good use of social resources to serve people.

3.    We have e-bulletin and pay phones to enhance publicity of government policies and health education.

4.    We invite mayors, school principals and councilors to attend our activities; we understand local public opinions and combine local resources.

5.    The school scenery planning, gate reconstruction, and large pottery painting show our new image of energy.

6.    We helped dredge and build outside escape canals and kept environment clean.  We had motorcycle parking spaces.  Patrollers check nearby alleys to keep safety of citizens.

7.    We held winter vacation examinations, reciting competitions, writing competition for Mid Autumn Festival, Mandarin competitions, singing old poems and new poem composition competitions with bonuses and certificates of merit to encourage our students to study.

8.    The e-job website provides employment opportunities.  Each month, we select and update appropriate employment opportunities on our employment service webpage.

9.    Reception is available on the first holiday of each month for family members who have to work on weekdays.

(ii) Service measure extension

1.     Consultation phone and service are available around the clock to answer citizensquestions.

2.    We improve service quality, held courtesy movement and phone service courtesy activities, enhanced employees professional knowledge and service attitudes and provided 24-hour fax service. 

(iii) Service measure method performance

1.We applied for 1 room at basic competence test in 2010 and worked with branch of supplementary school of Wen Chang Junior High School.  The test was made at our school on 22 and 23 May 2010 and 10 students took the test.

2.We built atmosphere of energy and easiness to be closer to people in better service quality.  We have walk management and make corrections through survey of public opinions, seminars, and suggestions.  Our goal is free from mistakes and high satisfaction.



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