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Communicable disease prevent

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  • Last updated:2019-01-26
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Communicable disease prevent

Communicable Diaseases Prevent

To prevent the invasion of communicable diseases, this roformatory has an emergency plan,strict examination is made on a suspect case with symptoms of fever and coughing, Disinfectant and bleach solutions are sprayed in every block.this reformatory has passed the epidemic period safely.

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Flu and other vaccines are administered on schudul to prevent epidemics and we are screening for TB and other epidemics, this is done once a year in conjunction with the health bureau and the center for disease control, a suspect case is detected, the patient is immidately quarantined for futher examination.


Enviromental maintenance and disinfaction plan are implemented to prevent the invasion of communicable disease, It is down once a week , the utensils at the kitchen and in the cooperative store are kept as clean as possible and high standare is applied to sanitary practice.


Every student is required to take a bath every day, in the winter, hot water is supplied three times a week, students are required to form good sanitation habit and if a ward was found a bad sanitary condition, through cleaning is ordered, we are expected that every measures we enforced to emplement can prevent communicable diseases are not occured in the reformatory.

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