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Measures for freshman

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  • Last updated:2021-08-24
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As soon as a student is admitted into this reformatory, we take these measures:

(1)Physical check up

This is intended to establish a physical check up table and related disease history, If a disease was detected, appropriate treatment is provided. If there is an external injury, It is recorded according to regulation.At present, phical checkups for new student are conducted by the doctor of nearby hospital.

(2)security check

All the articles a new student brings in with him are through searched to prevent drugs and weapons from the reformatory,that might affected the emotions of other students. after the search all articles other than those of washing are required to hand over for custody, including cash,valuables certificates and clothes, The new student is asked about his family for use as a basis of guidance to him, He is also asked to give the telephone number of his family for emergency contact.



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