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>  Sanitation, ventilation and illumination are installed in every dormitory, tidiness, comfort and sanitation are the must. The number of students in every dormitory is limited to avoid overcrowding and incidents.


>  All the class rooms and dormitories have been installed with color television, DVD, and cable channels for use by students at their leisure time, this is to carry out corrective education through entertainment.


>  Each classroom has installed bookshelves and the students can borrow books from the library and encourage contribution articles by students, These are very helpful for studens' self-improvement and their emotional stability.


 >  There is a boiler to supply hot water to every class' bath room, for students to take a hot bath in winter.Boiled water is piped into every class.every student usually takes bath once a day. In the winter,hot water is supplied three times a week. students are required to form good sanitation habit.The dirty, dejected and depraved ones are forced to live up to the stipulated standards.The school does not allow a few to become communicable disease carriers to threaten the lives of all.


>  Use library

About ten thousand of books stored in library for students to borrow and read; we have two library volunteers offer service for the students.












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