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Religious services

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  • Last updated:2019-01-26
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宗教宣導1   宗教宣導2

Religious organization include protestant, catholic and buddhist, bodies periodically come to the institute to provide religious service for students. They are also conducted large scale activities on major festivals such as Easter, Chrismas, Mother's day and Chinese Lunar New year.

There are ten religious teams come to the institute regularly, The offer religious consolation by talk with each other, we hope through these measures can achieve the purpose of rectifying students.

These religiouis groups are including:

1.Catholic new-life group(天主教復生小組),3 tutors, once a week.

2. Chinese Buddhism Pu-Xian Foundation(中華佛教普賢基金會),16 tutors, once a week.

3.Renew life for juvenile care association(更生少年關懷協會),38 tutors, once a month.

4.Joyful line for juvenline association(開心連線),18 tutors, once a week.

5.Yi-De word group(懿德世界),15 tutors, once a week.

6.Chong-Do Culture and Education Foundation(崇德文教基金會),2 tutors, once a week.

7.Protect Nation Temple Care Foundation(護國宮愛心基金會),5 tutors, once a week.

8.Harmony breath and great love group(和氣大愛),5 tutors, once a week.

9.Wisdom behavior centruy foundation(慧行世紀文教基金會),5 tutors, once a week.

10.Taoyuan Reformatory Service Team(桃園少年輔育院事工團隊),5 tutors, once a week.

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