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Dun Pin High School Life Education Program for Tea Zen for Parents and Stress Adjustment

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Taoyuan Reform School


Life Education Program for Tea Zen for Parents and Stress Adjustment

  I. Background

 People now seek enjoyment of materials.  A number of them lose the


meaning and values in life.  Young people are under great changes in body


and mind and in time of making selection in future.  It is most likely for them


to get confused in values and lose meaning.  They tend to feel depressed,


anxious and empty, resulting in negative and anti-social behaviors.  To help


them find meaning in life and establish valuable goals will help them grow in


mind and body.  Ministry of Justice is now promoting Correction Institution


Life Education Program.  We hold Tea Zen for Parents and Stress Adjustment


course with the main purpose to have mental reconstruction for students here


under changes in current society.  A number of foreign studies show meaning


 in life is closely connected to human psychology and behaviors.  Those with


high meaning in life tend to be healthy in spirit and mind and have good


social behaviors—law abiding, fulfilling responsibility, doing good for others


and self-realization.  We hope this program will change the bad thoughts and


behaviors of students and reduce the rate of re-committing crimes.

 II. Foundation


     Fajiaojuezhi #0980903198 Letter from Ministry of Justice on 19 November and


     Correction Institution Life Education Program


  III. Goals


1. Combination of mental practice on body, heart, mind, soul, nature and


environment to promote whole person development.



2. Establishing aggressive and positive philosophy to make adolescents


understand ideas of respect, appropriation, care, service and love for life.



3. Internal life values to purify mind of adolescents to that can have


consciousness, truth, goodness and beauty, moral values and final beliefs.



4. Blending individuals knowledge, emotions and behaviors to integrate


personality, make progress in emotion management, enhance self-confidence


for self-realization and going beyond


  IV. For


350 students at the school in seven classes


  VI. Name of characteristics


Taoyuan Reform School Life Education Program for Tea Zen for Parents and


Stress Adjustment


  VII. Period


1 March 2010 thru 31 December 2010


  VIII. Inner mind practice course

  1. Tea zen education


       1. Goals: to make adolescents understand meaning of being good in doctrines;


          assistance in religions to help them correct bad habits and understand values


           and meaning in life


2. Teaching methods: j narration instructions, kinteractive instruction, l


    course in a recycling unit of two months; class given every other week;


    each cycle in 8 hours


3. Voluntary worker study conference held once a month


4. Course details


1. Life is continuous; mental growth requires company.


2. Repeated life: repetition is because of people’s own repetitive behaviors. 

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