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Artistic cultivation

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  • Last updated:2019-01-26
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Knowing that art is the best healer of spiritual trauma and also the motive force of spirit, the institute counts on literary and art study to edify the students and dig into their conscience, For the reason, we establishes variety of art courses.

For a long time the institute fulfill open, resonable and transparent teaching measures, we are not only giving correct care in life but also promote the development of students' mind by using artistic cultivation.

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To expand the learning domain of students here, the institute have been established an artistic & technical class for the students who have interested in art or have potentials in art. at present, the art class offer calligraphy, painting, ceramic and seal cutting, the purpose of the art class is to develop student's art skill and cultivate their moral character to lead them to be interested in proper and health activities. 

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