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The tasks of corrective education affairs

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                           The tasks of corrective education affairs



The reform school educative affairs cover corrective management and general education. It is an education realm for all possibilities. Teachers who devote to corrective education should have the personality of loving. caring, fearless of challenges, and could make satisfaction from it.


The managements are following:


1.Strengthen fundamental education and patchwork teaching: lacking of fundamental learning abilities, some students could not catch up the same learning level as their peers , It was a big disturbance for teaching in the same class that has different levels. Therefore we take the strategy for focusing on both fundamental education and patchwork teaching. A new student who was admitted to the reformatory, first allocate into fresh class for adjust the change of his living environment, and begin study fundamental classes such as Chineses, Englinsh and mathematics to enhance their learning abilities.



2. For some students whose levels are lower than others. We also make up for their weak points. We will divide those weaker students into different levels, and assign some teachers or volunteers to guide students individually.



3. Encouraging students attend the entrance examination for senior high school. so that they would study hard to attain their goal to continue learning in the senior high school after discharge from the reformatory.



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