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The policy of education

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  • Last updated:2019-10-14
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For the younger students subjected to classified management, the tutors are asked to be more caring patient, and more careful in doing their job, and play a model role to fullfill these requirmets, they are urged to given great care but they are also demanded to meet the maximum requirements.

The aim of the policy is to enforce among the juveniles an orderly routine, well-calibrated conduct, self-introspection, which are required for setting their behavior straight and making the way of life wholesome.

There are some curriculums for every day education conduct by teachers, the curriculums include: morality education, suplement teaching, hygiene education, native education, artistic education, skill training,religious lessons, and extracurricular activities are also part of the education.

These diverse educations is intended to install correct concepts in younger students and improve their taste.

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