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Future prospects

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  • Last updated:2021-08-23
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1、Innovation in administration, simplified work We promote government policies, enhance education on laws and discipline, and eliminate illegal conducts of our staffers. We simplify frequently needed matters for higher administration performance and better service to the public.
2、Promotion of life-long study Employees have proper leisure associations; divisions and offices have reading clubs for new knowledge, mental and physical health and mental growth.
3、 Enhancement of skill and talent training We enrich current technical training equipment and hold short-term skill training courses to help students in future employment, simulate potential and develop interests.
4、To be like correction school under punishment policies We continue enriching education equipment and contents to enhance students's learning interest and results.
5、 Promotion of friendly campus program We enhance life, morality, life and gender education in life counseling and education on laws and discipline.

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