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Open life management

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  • Last updated:2021-08-23
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1. Flowers, grasses and trees are planted inside the school to create an open life environment.
2. Life management is made in classes. Tutors, disciplinary personnel or counseling personnel stay at classes in shifts 24 hours a day with students to keep an eye on students's life and make sure they have good habits. Each week, class disciplinary personnel have group and individual teaching. Individual counseling is made for students with special conditions.
3. Classes have reading clubs and students are encouraged to read extracurricular books to give reports after read. We encourage them to borrow books and hold competitions on composition.
4、Each quarter, we hold entertainment activities and sports competitions.
5、Family members may visit students twice a week. Those who live far away may apply for phone talk or distance meeting.
6、 On Moon Festival, Mother’s Day and Chinese New Year, we hold meetings with family members. Students can call their parents before the meeting for free.
On the day of meeting, family members can come to school to get together with students and talk to disciplinary personnel in person for better understanding.
7、In the unit of classes, we hold quarterly parenting education and parent seminars in which we introduce our education and ways to help students in order to enhance communication between the school and family members and help better relation between students and parents.

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