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Forward Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice(Deepen the children of the judiciary—Established Chengjheng High School Taoyuan Branch) Press release

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Date of publication2019/07/31

The Correctional Services Department of the Ministry of Justice held the "Cheng Sing Secondary School Taoyuan Branch" (located at the Taoyuan Youth Auxiliary Hospital) and the "Cheng Ching Secondary School Changhua Branch" (located at the Department of Changhua Junior Affiliated Hospital). The unveiling ceremony was hosted by Qing Xiang, Minister of the Ministry of Justice, and was unveiled with the guests who care about the children of the judiciary. It symbolizes that juvenile correction education has taken a big step forward in cooperation with all walks of life.

During the speech, the Minister especially thanked the Executive Yuan, the Legislative Yuan, the Supervisory Court, the Court of Justice and the Ministry of Education and other relevant agencies, schools and the community for their unremitting efforts and support for the judicial containment of young people. At the same time, the new education team helped the children to return. The best preparation for society, family and school, and for the disabled and vulnerable teenagers, we can also use more adequate education and counseling resources to increase the density of care.

The improvement of the quality of the correction of the juvenile is dependent on the professional manpower. In the past, the shortage of professional manpower in the juvenile academy has been improved in recent years through active efforts and support from all walks of life. This time, the Executive Yuan has a total of 81 full-time acting teachers. It includes qualified teachers, technical subject teachers, tutors, special education teachers and other qualified professional teachers. The Ministry of Education and related schools will assist in the promotion of educational matters. In the future, it will help to reduce the number of students returning to school and basic knowledge. And related professional counseling services are carried out.

The success of the containment of juveniles depends on the perseverance and love of the first-line guardian juvenile correctional staff, psychologists, social workers, teachers and other personnel. The Department will continue to support the juvenile correction work team and look forward to the correction of schools through the recruitment of resources. It will give children more confidence and hope, let them feel love and care, and help children find a happy return.

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