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  • History of Dun Pin High School

    History of Dun Pin High School It has been a year since the establishment of Taoyuan Reform School, the predecessor of Dun Pin High School (in the 110th year of the Republic of China). In the literature, there are only a few words about the historical evolution and context, which is difficult to express its meaning. Mencius said, "the wise are in office, and the capable are in office." Successive presidents have devoted themselves to study, devoted themselves to the goal of probation education and practical education, so as to achieve the effect of changing customs and customs. They have gone through hardships. They have great foresight, created a new situation, reformed the old and innovated, created macro rules, laid a grand foundation for development, and become more and more complete in modern times, so as to achieve the goal of correctional education, counseling, improvement and treatment, make every effort to improve the existence of institutions and cherish the memory of the past sages, Fearing that it is difficult to collect documents, I briefly remember the titles, evolution and evolution of his previous presidents, so as to know the origin of the creation of probation education, so as to confirm each other and serve as a blueprint for the promotion of reform, with a view to making great achievements and further progress.The criminal law was implemented after the early buildings were recovered from Taiwan. Although there were provisions on probation education places in Article 86 of Chapter 12 of the general provisions of part I, Article 13 of the regulations on security measures for stolen goods offenders during the counter insurgency period was promulgated on December 30, 2004, which stipulates that "the probation education execution places specified in these Regulations shall be established by the provincial governments, and their organization shall be otherwise prescribed by law." The Taiwan provincial government set up three juvenile probation education institutions on April 1, 2004 as the source of the law. On November 1, 1960, the regulations of the children's supplementary education institute came into force. According to Article 1 of the regulations of the children's supplementary education institute, "these Regulations are formulated in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 52 of the law on the handling of juvenile events." Paragraph 2 of Article 52 of the juvenile incident handling law stipulates that "the organization of probation education institutions and the implementation of education shall be prescribed by law." It is the legal basis for the enactment of the regulations of the juvenile auxiliary education center. In addition, Article 4 of the regulations of the juvenile auxiliary education center stipulates that "the juvenile auxiliary education center shall be established by the Ministry of justice or the highest local administrative organ entrusted by the Ministry of justice, and shall be under the guidance and supervision of the Ministry of justice". Until July 1, 1970, the Ministry of justice took back the juvenile auxiliary education center.Mr. Jing Guo came to our hospital. Our hospital was founded in Hsinchu juvenile prison in Taiwan by the Social Affairs Department of Taiwan Province on April 1, 2004. Using the prison as the temporary hospital site, we planned to establish a "Taiwan Provincial temporary juvenile reformatory hospital" with some house boundaries. It is one of the three places for the implementation of security measures to accommodate students who have been ordered to carry out reformatory education, The Social Affairs Department of the Taiwan provincial government appointed and removed personnel by letter No. 255 from the provincial government on April 4, 2004. The first president was sent by Zhang Jinming, the warden of Hsinchu juvenile prison, Taiwan, in order to correct their wrong psychology, rebuild their perfect personality, and teach skills and knowledge to adapt to social life. According to the letter No. 199 from the provincial temporary juvenile reformatory hospital on August 4, 2004, At that time, more than 800 students were accommodated. It was renamed "Taiwan Provincial Hsinchu juvenile reformatory school" on September 1, 2004 according to the letter of Social Affairs Department of Taiwan Provincial Government (Siwu) she Renzi No. 21286 on August 25, 2004. It was changed to "Taiwan Provincial Taipei juvenile reformatory school" on October 1, 2004 in accordance with the Social Affairs Department of Taiwan Provincial Government's Letter No. 25324 (Siwu) szyz on September 29, 2004.President Xu took a group photo with the head of the unit. The juvenile reformatory school used 30 additional guards according to the letter of the Social Department of the Taiwan Provincial Government (Silu) szyz No. 2301 on January 26, 46, to increase the guard force by dividing the boundaries. Because the high court ordered that the house borrowed by the juvenile prison must be recovered by the end of July of the Republic of China, Mr. Liu shengxun, the then general affairs team leader, ordered to ship more than 60 metric tons of public property to 13 trucks within four days, lead the husband's service in batches, and complete the task day and night. The North relocation hospital was located at qiaozitou a national soldier training camp in erqiaoli, Yingge Town, Taipei County. Although it was part of the business, it was moved north, However, due to the remote location of the two offices and insufficient manpower, many people applied for resignation. On July 25, the Republic of China, Zhang Jinming, who was also president at that time, was approved to resign as president for many times because it was difficult to take into account the affairs of the supervisory and academic departments. The Social Affairs Department of the Taiwan provincial government appointed and dismissed personnel by letter szrz No. 27350 on August 9, 46, Zhang Shuwen, President of the Provincial Pingtung relief center, was transferred to take over as president on August 21, 1949. Because there were still some garrison troops stationed at the site, the site was vast, lacked walls, and the houses were not enough for distribution, he moved to the class a national soldier training camp in lintoudian, Taoyuan Township in April, 1949. The current site environment was quiet, and the wooden bungalow was built into an RC structure office building Restaurant, auditorium, art factory, library, dormitory, lookout platform, wall and other buildings, purchase necessary facilities, rockery and waterfall, ecological pond, lotus pond and leaping carp in the hospital, and the open space in front of each class is set up as a garden and vegetable garden, with birds singing and flowers fragrant, the environment is more clear and beautiful, which is actually a place for young people to cultivate their temperament, change their temperament and improve their good habits. In July of the Republic of China, it was renamed as "Taiwan Provincial Taoyuan juvenile reformatory school". In March of the Republic of China, it was ordered to be renamed as "Taiwan Provincial Taoyuan juvenile auxiliary school". On July 1 of the Republic of China, it was renamed as "Taiwan Taoyuan juvenile auxiliary school" under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of justice. Special funds were allocated to renovate the school, enrich the equipment and become an ideal educational place, with an approved capacity of 387. On January 1, 2001, the correction Department of the Ministry of justice was established, changed to the correction Department of the Ministry of justice, and then changed its name to "Taoyuan juvenile auxiliary Education Institute of the correction Department of the Ministry of justice".In the stadium, students do morning exercises together. Since March of the Republic of China, it was renamed "Taiwan Provincial Taoyuan Reform School". According to the organizational rules promulgated by the Taiwan provincial government, there is a president, a general manager and a secretary to assist the college in the comprehensive review of manuscripts and the business contact of the group office. There are three groups of teaching, art learning and general affairs, with two rooms of controller and personnel, respectively responsible for the relevant businesses of each group office, This type of organization followed until June of the Republic of China. In October of the Republic of China, the organizational rules of Taiwan Provincial Taoyuan juvenile auxiliary education institute were revised by the Taiwan Provincial Government in accordance with the regulations of the juvenile auxiliary education institute. In July of the Republic of China, the organizational establishment was expanded, the original three groups and two rooms were expanded into four groups and two rooms, the original teaching group was changed into two groups of educational administration and training, and the original art learning group and its business were incorporated into the educational administration group, The medical and health care business originally managed by the general affairs group was moved out of the additional health care group to take charge of the medical and health care business. This organization type was used until it was transferred to the correction Department of the Ministry of justice. The hospital was approved to set up a Houde Tutorial school. Due to repeated difficulties, according to the report of the Public Security Council of the Executive Yuan on September 24, 79, "juvenile prisons and juvenile auxiliary education centers should be school-based, and their teacher equipment should be enriched." After consultation between the Ministry of justice and the Ministry of education, the "key points for the implementation of tutorial schools in juvenile prisons and juvenile auxiliary education schools" have been formulated. The hospital has implemented it since the academic year 81 in accordance with the provisions of the letter No. 18138 of the Ministry of justice on December 5, 1980, After the suspension of the business of the original Houde Tutorial school, it will be transferred to the supplementary schools of Taiwan Provincial Taoyuan agricultural and Industrial Vocational School (now Taoyuan agricultural and industrial senior secondary school affiliated to National Taipei University of science and Technology), Taoyuan County (now municipal) Wenchang national high school and Taoyuan District Kuaiji national primary school in Taoyuan city. Supplementary schools will be set up in the supplementary education institute, Picture: there are senior engineering classes, national middle classes and national primary classes in the pavilion of the college area (the national primary class has been suspended since the 106 school year due to the improvement of the educational background of the young people). The students are enrolled in each grade according to their educational background and have classes according to the arranged courses every morning. All teachers, teaching and student status management are in the charge of each school, so that the students can continue their studies. In January of the Republic of China, it was established in cooperation with the correction Department of the Ministry of justice. Each group was changed into a department. The organization type was four departments and three rooms, including educational administration, discipline, general affairs, health department, controller, personnel and political style room.In order to improve the establishment of the social safety net for the protection of children and children, provide a more abundant educational resources for misguided teenagers, reduce the occurrence of social discrimination, and implement the important connotation of the Convention on the rights of the child, our hospital and Changhua youth auxiliary education institute originally planned to establish Taoyuan and Changhua youth correction schools in July 1992. Unfortunately, due to the financial difficulties of the central government at that time, After the whole case was considered by the Executive Yuan, the Ministry of justice was requested to study it again, so the restructuring work could not be completed in time.In recent years, members of the Legislative Yuan's budget review and the supervisory yuan's inspection of the Ministry of justice have repeatedly been concerned about the progress of the reform of the juvenile auxiliary education institute. In the "National Council on judicial reform of the presidential palace" in 1996, it was decided that the juvenile auxiliary education Institute should complete the reform and correction of the school as soon as possible. However, because the establishment of the school involves the current real estate right, there are still disputes and national financial difficulties, It is difficult to increase teachers' budget posts in a short time, and there has been no progress. After Minister Cai Qingxiang took office, he instructed to fully promote the reform of juvenile auxiliary education institutions in a phased manner, and instructed the correctional department to overcome difficulties and actively handle them.The Ministry of justice held a research and consultation meeting between January and March of the Republic of China to give priority to protecting the right to education and providing a good learning environment as the primary work of innovation. Because the juvenile auxiliary education institute adopts the curriculum and teaching content of the continuing education department in accordance with Article 8 of the higher secondary education law, it only teaches 24 classes a week according to its curriculum, and Mingyang and Chengzheng high schools, both of which belong to the correction school, The general or technical high school syllabus is used, with 35 lectures per week; In order to make the students' learning conditions consistent with the learning resources and environment of general schools after the reform of the two juvenile auxiliary education institutions, and promote the integrity of corrective education, change the school system and inject teacher resources that meet the needs of general school curriculum, it is urgent.After inviting the National Affairs Department of the Ministry of education and the Department of Preschool Education (hereinafter referred to as the National Education Department) to jointly discuss specific plans, the transition stage before the establishment of correction schools is completed. For the time being, the correction school Chengzheng high school will set up a branch school in the juvenile auxiliary education institute to assist in education matters, and the National Education Department of the Ministry of education will assist relevant cooperative schools with student status to hire qualified teachers, In parallel with schools across the country, the new curriculum for general or technical high schools will be implemented from this academic year to provide equal and high-quality educational opportunities for all probation students. " The reform and Correction School Plan of the children's auxiliary Education Institute (hereinafter referred to as the reform plan) was approved and put on record by the Executive Yuan in the letter No. 1080038261 of the Yuan's grant renzu Zi on July 3, 108. The establishment and unveiling ceremony of Taoyuan branch of Chengzheng high school was held in our hospital on July 31, 2008. The branch was officially established to set a new milestone on the road of reforming and correcting the school. On August 1, the founding and unveiling ceremony of Dun Pin High School was held in our school, which was officially transformed from Taoyuan branch of Chengzheng high school into a correction school, hoping that students can "Dun Pin encourage learning, respect industry and enjoy the group", persevere, and achieve the cultivation of integrity and good personality.As a place for probation education, the school shoulders the important task of enlightening conscience and educational mission. From the beginning, it has developed towards the goal of improving moral education, knowledge education and skill education. In line with the needs of social development, it connects social resources, handles various measures such as schooling, employment, upbringing and medical treatment, and takes filial piety to parents and respect for teachers as the core value of character education, Supplemented by knowledge education, in addition to cultivating skills, we should deepen life education, explore and develop life, learn to respect life, deeply realize the value of "people", and then respect industry and happy groups, care for society, improve the cultivation of complete personality and the establishment of outlook on life.

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